Why You Might Want to Remove Your Tongue Piercing

Some preliminary research has shown that tongue piercings can cause damage in some people’s mouths:

– Tongue piercings can lead to numerous oral health complications such as abscesses, gum inflammation/bleeding, sensitive cracked teeth, and infection.

– Treatment for these complications can include antibiotics and surgical intervention; often, the tissue damage cannot be fully reversed.

– Those with piercings should keep the piercing immaculately clean and avoid smoking (tobacco or marijuana) or vaping.

“If you have a piercing and you’re bombarding it with all these irritants and potential carcinogens, well, that complicates things.”

Read the full story here: https://consumer.healthday.com/dental-and-oral-information-9/misc-dental-problem-news-174/tongue-piercings-may-bring-harm-to-teeth-and-gums-735168.html