"Excellent and quick service especially in these current times! I needed my veneer that had come off to be re-cemented, I sent a photo to Aarti and she responded that evening. She made an appointment for me and I was seen within 2 weeks. Very happy with the service and dental work. Highly recommended Dental center with a great cohesive and professional team!"
Mandi Francis
"All staff are caring and delightful. The dentist that dealt with my care was exceptionally good. She took time to discuss treatment with me and put me completely at ease. We joined the Andover Smile Centre practice on a friend’s recommendation and are so very pleased we did. I wrote the above review a little while ago but just wanted to add an update. I have just had a crown fitted and am so pleased with it. Excellent treatment from very caring staff. A big thank you!"
Isobel Randall
"Great experience here having my first tooth extraction! Really friendly staff that make you feel extra comfortable and talk you through the whole procedure. Would recommend 100%"
Connor Philp
"I dont like going to the dentist but I have to say after visiting both smile clinics that they are brilliant , I wont go anywhere else ! friendly and very competent . I would happily recommend them to anyone :)"
Colin Okley
"I want to say how great my dental appointment was through these terrible times.The staff are as always amazing professional kind caring people. Always 100% top smiles. Thank you all. Sandra"
Sandra Ingley
"Amazing customer service and even better results!! Thank you so much to the whole team!!!"
Scott Smith
"Well...this place is amazing!! Teresa (hope this is the correct way to spell this) is wonderful, really great. She put me at my ease so well (as I was being a bit of a wimp) and worked so thoughtfully and thoroughly, she even did an extra filling for me at the last minute as I asked if she could replace an old amalgam one for me after she had done the scheduled work! I really wish I had sound this dentist earlier but I wasn't in the area until I opened my shop in Stockbridge so had not heard of it. The nursing staff and the receptionists are lovely too by the way. Seriously they are all BRILLIANT! Thank you from Carina xx"
Carina Rose Bridal
"All staff are welcoming and friendly. Good attention to detail. Will explain what's going on at any given time during treatments. Was well looked after during a difficult but largely pain-free extraction -- we all managed to keep up a humorous air despite the problems encountered. A recent implant process was all done in-house in an exemplary manner. Generally, any unexpected post-treatment problems are ironed out very promptly and at no extra cost if possible. I can recommend their in-house routine treatment plan into which I pay monthly."
Christopher Caryer
"Since I have been going to Andover Smiles I can honestly say that I have never had better teeth . The dentist sat down and explained everything to me from what treatment I needed and what I needed to maintain healthy teeth. I will definitely be back , thank you to all the staff!"
Richard_Random Muir
"I found them through reading great reviews on Google. The office is lovely, and the entire staffs is extremely friendly. My treatment went very well, I finished the process much earlier than expected, and getting braces is the best thing I have ever done for my smile. I wish I had done it many years earlier. I have a natural looking, and awesome smile now, and it started with a visit them. Thank you Dr Aarti and staff for a wonderful experience and beautiful smile!I"
Ben & Leo World
"I cannot recommend Andover Smile enough. The treatment received is 100% first class right from the minute you walk in until the moment you leave. This practice is a must visit all the staff can put the most nervous of patients at ease. I promise that once you have experience d the professionalism of this dentist you will never visit another."
Stephen Marshall
"Fantastic practice with very friendly staff. Brilliant for nervous patients as I was. Now I can come to the dentist in confidence. I have recently completed the 6 month smile system. All I can say is wow! So quick with a lot of care. My treatment finished in just over 5 months which is incredible as my teeth were very crooked at the front. Aarti and the team are such lovely people who make the visit to the dentist very personal to you. Thank you. "
Emma lailey


I have always regarded Andover Smile centre as a very efficient organisation .Since giving their waiting room a facelift ,It has made a visit to the dentist almost a pleasure
Mr Whitehall
Dr Aarti made my recent dental implant treatment, involving a complicated bridge and crowns, seem simple and always achievable Her patience and consideration during long hours in the chair helped to make the treatment seem much quicker. The result is a wonderful and confident smile. Kind regards and warm thanks.
Mrs E Mclean
After a lifetime of yellowing teeth, I am absolutely delighted with the result of my zoom whitening treatment. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. I can smile with confidence!
Mrs M Hooper
I have recently finished my 6 months smile treatments with Aarti Jain and would like to share my thoughts on the whole experience. I am 27 and have always been conscious of my teeth since my al teens. I have severe crowding on both upper and lower arches and hated smiling with my teeth showing or laughing naturally. It started to really knock my confidence and I decided to finally do something about it. My years ago I looked at having orthodontic treatment but at the time I couldn’t realistically afford the treatment so I had no choice but to continue as I was. It was only until early 2013 I heard of a treatment called "6 month smiles". After hours of research and searching on internet I finally found an affordable treatment that would give me the results I desired and not heaving to wear braces for 23 years! Even better, they aren’t visible and the wires and brackets and tooth coloured. I then started looking for a local orthodontic that specialised in the treatment which was proving very difficult and then as if by ate I came across the Andover Dental Centre. I wasted o time and booked my consultation with Aarti. I was really nervous going to my consultation as I wasn’t sure whether I would qualify and if my teeth were too severe to have this treatment. On arriving at the practice I was extremely impressed with the warm, caring welcome from the receptionists. I then was introduced to Aarti who made me feel comfortable and relaxed and talked me through the treatment which was music to my ears. I didn’t waste any time in booking my next appointment. So the treatment started and I admit in the first few months it was slightly uncomfortable and took some getting used to but I was excited to finally have braces and knowing in next six months I would have the smile I always desired gets you through the pain and hard times. Half way through the treatment I found myself forgetting I had the braces on and found I could eat most foods and they didn’t bother me at all. With each visit to the practice they always looked after me and Aarti was amazing every time, always caring and making sure I was as comfortable as possible. Always welcoming me with a smile. Aarti was always honest with me and I had all the faith in her that she would deliver and I would be happy with the results. The treatment took slightly longer than six months but I was willing to keep them on for as long as I needed until myself and Aarti agreed they were ready to be removed. I always remember the day they came off and I looked in the mirror for the first time. It was a moment I had dreamt about and to finally see myself with amazing straight teeth and smiling was a dream comes true! I couldn’t thank Aarti enough for giving me these new teeth and a life time of smiling confidently. My whole experience with Aarti has been incredible from start to finish and she has made the experience of having braces so much easier, smoother and calmer than I ever thought. I can’t them enough for their professionalism but more so for the personal caring service they provide.
K. Harvey
If you are unhappy about your smile you should definitely consider 6 month smile. Before I had the treatment I never liked my smile but now I love it. The process is easy, doesn’t take very long and is affordable. Don’t be put off by the braces as they hardly show at all. I am so pleased that i had 6 month smile and I wish I had done it sooner.
Mrs A Byrne
Dear Aarti, I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the excellent and friendly service I have received over the last two years . For the first time in a while my teeth are pain free and I have a smile which I am proud to show off. I wish you all the best for the future. Kind Regards
Mrs H Anwell

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