Opioid Addiction and Dentistry

Possible addiction to opioids, used in anaesthesia and for pain relief, is a problem that your dentist is well aware of and is fighting to avoid. The problem of opioid addiction is most noticeable in the 10 to 19 year age group.

Statistics show that:

– Every year approximately 3 million people have their wisdom teeth removed

– The vast majority of these people are under 25 years of age

– Virtually all will be given a prescription for various opioids

A recent article in the New York Times points out that the human brain matures at 25 and “is particularly susceptible to being taken over by opioids” during the formative years.

The article can be read in full at  https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/10/opinion/dentists-opioids-addiction-.html.