Damon Braces

Damon Metal & Clear Braces

For Vivid Smile Improvements

Damon braces come with a sliding, self-ligating mechanism that moves teeth into the correct alignment in a more gradual and natural manner. 

Achieve a Broad Arch Smile with the Damon Braces System

This mechanism holds the wire and eliminates the need for elastic ties that are used in traditional metal braces. The result is teeth straightening that can be achieved with fewer appointments and is a lot more comfortable compared to conventional braces.

This innovative orthodontic treatment is available in two options – Damon Metal Braces and Damon Clear Braces.

Damon Metal Braces – These braces work with metal brackets along with the shape-memory wires to move teeth gradually yet effectively to the correct position while utilizing light forces because of the self-ligating system. Without the elastic ties where food and bacteria can easily accumulate, the braces can work without interfering with proper oral hygiene maintenance.

Damon Clear Braces – Damon Clear Braces use clear brackets with self-ligating wires to naturally, and gradually, straighten the teeth. These clear brackets are almost invisible, so it is possible to continue with the orthodontic treatment without anyone else knowing about the procedure. These clear braces also do not use elastic ties that can turn yellow and are resistant to staining to ensure that the aesthetics can be maintained throughout the course of the treatment.

How Damon™ System braces Work?

Traditional Brackets

Damon™ System braces

Damon System braces