Can a Root Canal Help Me Save My Natural Teeth?

A root canal is a dental procedure to remove dead tissue within one or more teeth. The ultimate goal is to eliminate any possible infections and to prevent future decay and infections.

Your dentist might recommend root canal therapy if your teeth have been damaged in the past or in the event that the root itself has died (signaled by discolouration). However, will a root canal be able to save the tooth in question?

Technology has come a long way since these procedures were first introduced. Not only is a root canal relatively painless, but the modern methods employed by your dentist are often preferable when compared to an extraction.

Here are three benefits:

– Local anaesthetic will prevent any pain during the treatment.

– Most procedures can be completed within a single visit.

– If root canal therapy is not successful in saving your tooth, you may be a good candidate for a dental implant — which is a very close replica of your tooth.

See a dentist regularly to prevent decay and infections. If you experience tooth pain, see your dentist immediately. A root canal procedure will put an end to your pain and preserve your tooth.

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Dr. Karen Kamboh: “Are Root Canals Effective for Saving Natural Teeth?”